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Apache Stronghold asks 29-judge appeals court to save Oak Flat Rare request gives Ninth Circuit one more chance to protect sacred site before Supreme Court appeal,
Rare request gives Ninth Circuit one more chance to protect sacred site before Supreme Court appeal

The time is here to join the Apache stronghold in protecting all holy and sacred places. The words you share in your Amicus briefs will be read by US Supreme Court justices. Take action to have your voice heard by joining existing briefs or creating new ones. Please call today for more information. Apache Stronghold/Save Oak Flat. | AMICUS BRIEF INFORMATION

Apache Stronghold is grateful for the outpouring of support for our efforts to protect Oak Flat. As our case heads to the Supreme Court, one way to support Apache Stronghold is for interested organizations to file an amicus brief (also called a friend-of-the-court brief) at the Supreme Court. Although the timeline is subject to change, those briefs are currently due by July 1, 2024. (This is 30 days after Apache Stronghold files its cert petition asking the Supreme Court to hear its case, which is currently due on May 30, 2024.)
If your organization is interested in participating in an amicus brief in support of Apache Stronghold, please email Leigh Brown, lbrown@becketlaw.org, and provide her with your name, contact information, and the name of your organization. Someone at Becket will respond with further details.
Legal Doc: Ninth Circuit En Banc Per Curiam Opinion in Apache Stronghold v. United States (PDF)

CALL TO PRAYER AND ACTION  with the Apache Stronghold to Protect Sacred Chi'chil Biłdagoteel (Oak Flat) and To Heal All People and Our Earth With One Drum, One Circle, One Prayer.
See our Take Action page for ways you can help Protect Sacred Oak Flat.

Dr. Wendsler Nosie Sr., long time opponent of the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and former Chairman and Councilman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, reacts to the passage of the Southeastern Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act in December 2014.

"The greatest sin of the world has been enacted by Arizona Senator McCain, Senator Flake, and Representatives Kirkpatrick and Gosar of Arizona by including the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange in the National Defense Authorization Act (2015). We are calling on all religious faiths, & military veterans, for this country was founded on freedom of speech, religion and worship, which has been given away to a foreign mining company." 
"They declared war on our religion, we must stand in unity and fight to the very end, for this is a holy war." 
"We remember those who sacrificed and defended our people. We recognize our great leaders and their respect for those who know freedom. We must guide our people to, once again, hold our destiny in our own hands. I challenge each of us to overcome the oppression and begin the process of believeing in ourselves. This must be the first step... Usen, we ask for your blessing to guide our current and future leadership so that our children and the unborn will inherit our Apache Way of Life." - Wendsler Nosie Sr. 
Human Rights, Religious Rights, Environmental Rights have been Violated.

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