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This morning we received the response from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Our request to be heard by the full 29-judge panel was denied, none of the judges requesting a vote for rehearing. The Court amended its decision to discuss a previous Supreme Court decision that hadn’t been considered, and the 9th Circuit’s decision on the case remained closely divided, 6 to 5, with five dissenting judges and over 240 pages of opinions. We have now completed the 9th Circuit appeal, and the next step is petitioning to be heard by the Supreme Court. I want to thank everyone for your endless support and prayers. I know capitalism had began as far back as when trade began. For over 500 hundred years, we indigenous people of America, have suffered equally to the rest of the world. What had started in the beginning between good and evil will again face each other. One, to protect the greatest gift god gave the world or the other.,to destroy every human life and the spirit that Mother Earth gives birth to. The question is, where will you stand in this moment?  We will all be judged.  Blessings to all.

Dr. Wendsler Nosie Sr., long time opponent of the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and former Chairman and Councilman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, reacts to the passage of the Southeastern Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act in December 2014.

"The greatest sin of the world has been enacted by Arizona Senator McCain, Senator Flake, and Representatives Kirkpatrick and Gosar of Arizona by including the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange in the National Defense Authorization Act (2015). We are calling on all religious faiths, & military veterans, for this country was founded on freedom of speech, religion and worship, which has been given away to a foreign mining company." 
"They declared war on our religion, we must stand in unity and fight to the very end, for this is a holy war." 
"We remember those who sacrificed and defended our people. We recognize our great leaders and their respect for those who know freedom. We must guide our people to, once again, hold our destiny in our own hands. I challenge each of us to overcome the oppression and begin the process of believeing in ourselves. This must be the first step... Usen, we ask for your blessing to guide our current and future leadership so that our children and the unborn will inherit our Apache Way of Life." - Wendsler Nosie Sr. 
Human Rights, Religious Rights, Environmental Rights have been Violated.

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